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Power of God.
The Universality of God and the Power of His Word.

The Universality of God and the Power of His Word.

In this compelling sermon, the Pastor Dona. emphasizes the omnipotence and omnipresence of God, who understands and speaks all languages spoken across the world. Using the book of Joshua, Chapter 1, verses 1-8 as a foundation, the message underscores the importance of courage, strength, and faith in God’s promises. The Pastor Dona. discusses the continuity of God's presence, encouraging believers to remain steadfast and courageous despite challenges. Emphasizing the transformative power of God's Word, the sermon advocates for daily meditation and obedience to the scriptures as the key to true success and prosperity. Through personal testimonies and scriptural insights, this sermon inspires believers to trust in God's unwavering support and to make His Word the foundation of their lives. #ZionCityChurchLondon #ZionCityFaith #GlengallGroveWorship #StJohnsCommunityFaith #LondonChurchLife #ZionCityMinistries OTHER VIDEOS TO WATCH: From Crisis to Crown: The Empowering Journey of Ruth | Spiritual Makeover: Unlocking the Power of Fasting and Prayer: Corporate Anointing for Breakthroughs: Prophetic Warning 2024: Global Shifts, Falling Away, and Divine Judgments Unveiled! 🌎🔥: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay Tuned to Our Channel by Subscribing now! YOUTUBE: @zioncitychurch1222 FACEBOOK:@Zioncitychurch INSTAGRAM:@Zioncityldn TWITTER(now X)@ZionCityLDN TIKTOK:@zioncitychurchldn
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