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About us

Zion City Church, is a fellowship of believers that have a hunger to encounter God for their generation, workplaces, social spheres, communities and nations. Living to know Him and make Him known, we believe we have an unshakeable covenant relationship through the Saviour, who is with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

With a dream to reach out to the diverse and growing community in the Docklands, Canary Wharf and surrounds of the East End of London, Zion City Church seeks to raise up an army of worshippers for the residence of the glory and goodness of God. From a place of fresh encounter release a new sound of worship that will change atmosphere and bring reformation through works of justice. 


We believe Jesus paid a high price so that we may have eternal life, freedom, victory, peace, abundance and healing in His name. Not just for ourselves but also to be a blessing and a solution to those around us. Believing for a youth revival stewarded by mothers, fathers and forerunners of the Christian faith, we value and treasure all ages and cultures. 


Come and experience the love of Jesus, learn to partner with Holy Spirit and become sold out for the more of Papa God as he teaches us, opens our eyes to the revelation and knowledge of Him and takes us from glory to glory.

Registered charity no. 1181754.

Our Intro Video:
Ruban & Ruth Soundarajah

Senior Leaders

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